Thursday, November 22, 2007


We have arrived at a lovely resort and spa in the Valley of Longevity, where people supposedly live longer than anywhere else on Earth. The owner, who greeted us with a hug and a "welcome home," tells us we're surrounded by "negative ions," which apparently are a good thing. Everything is "magnified" here, which we have decided applies to the popcorn, which is just about perfect. The owner also loves Dennis Kucinich, though she wishes he were stronger on the UFO issue. We were met at our room by a shamanic cat who, we're told, knows if you need to be healed and curls up on your lap to do so. There's been a gentle rain all morning, making the banana fields shine. I'm going to get a massage this afternoon, and Kerri's getting some other treatments, though we're both skipping the "colonic irrigation," which the shamans of the world come here for. They'll be serving Thanksgiving dinner for the benefit of the Americans tonight. It's an incredibly relaxing, if slightly kooky, place to spend the holiday.

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slc said...

Um. Seriously. This place sounds GREAT. Shamanic Cats? And who doesn't want Dennis to be a little stronger on the UFO issue?