Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Fruit (#7)

Every once in a while I see these little fruits being sold on the street, and the other day I bought a bag. I asked the guy what they were called, had him repeat it twice, and said it to him myself. I swore it sounded like GRUCILLA, but I am unable to find anything online resembling that name. Not rucilla, brusia, jucilla... nada. So I have no idea what they are. Unfortunately, they were past their prime, so I only tasted a couple. Only about the size of a dime, they're sort of hexagonal when viewed from the top. They contain a large seed doesn't cleanly separate from the fruit. The texture is really apple-like, crunchy and juicy, and they taste a lot like an apple too, except very sour. The guy selling them asked me if I wanted salt, but they definitely would need sugar to be enjoyable.

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