Saturday, August 18, 2007

Church Climbing

Went back to the neogothic basilica his afternoon with a guy from England.
Already described the adventure here, but now I've got some pictures.
This is the catwalk above the vaulting that takes you out to the center spire:
Climbing the ladder up the flying buttress is pretty crazy, but not as dizzying now that I´m used to living at 9000 feet.
From there we got a view of the main towers, the left of which we climbed, all the way up into the roof just under the cross:
Here's the spiral stairs through the clock. No giant gears like in Back to the Future or The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Paul, the English bloke, standing up in the top of the tower.
These kids climbed up to the absolute highest point possible:
At this level, you could crawl out to the outside of the tower to get a really great view. Here's the church with the central spire we climbed and the city to the north:

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