Sunday, July 15, 2007

Isn't a cell phone store supposed to sell phones?

After showing up too late the other night, Elliot and I finally got to a store to see the iPhone. We walked into the empty Winston-Salem AT&T store in Stratford Commons to find the iPhone display sitting empty. We asked one of the two clerks if they'd sold their display models, and she replied, "no we're not allowed to sell those."

"So where are they?" I asked.

"Oh it's Sunday. We're not allowed to bring them out on Sunday." What?!

Apparently the manager is worried that, with only two people working, they'll get busy and someone will walk off with the most expensive phone in the store. The only problem is, nobody will drop $600 on one either! Elliot pointed this out, but she said the rules were the rules. She did email the manager to see if she could bring one out, but he didn't respond. What kind of way to run a business is that?!

So I'm still waiting to get my hands on the thing. No matter. I can't buy yet since it won't work in Ecuador.

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Elliot said...

Now you know why Apple has iTunes to activate the phone. They fully anticipated the clods at AT&T would screw something up. Go to an Apple Store (or go online), pick up your phone, activate it at home, and deal with AT&T only when you pay your bill (which you can likely do online with your new phone).

As Steve Jobs famously once said, carriers are simply an "orifice". I'm not sure he knew at the time how right he would be.